This is the first of a number of productions by the Quantum Gravity Research group. I highly recommend their take on higher dimensional physics, and this is a wonderfully entertaining introduction to it. I only discovered QGR towards the end of writing my book ‘Understanding Sacred Geometry and the Flower of Life’, and I had to quickly integrate w few references to them as I quickly realised they have the most advanced understanding of the higher dimensional Flower of Life patterns and their relevance to understanding physical 3D reality!

The ‘E8’ geometry that they introduce you to in the movie is the higher dimensional equivalent of the extended Flower of Life / triangular / hexagonal grid that Buckminster FUller called the Isotropic Vector Matrix. In the 8th dimension something very interesting is possible where the gaps between the 8D spheres become big enough to fit in extra 8D spheres of the same size. Modern science recognises this and finds it important for among other things information compression technologies useful for keeping in communication with our distant space probes. However, many are beginning to suspect that this uniquely symmetrical form is also a map of the ‘symmetries’ of the forces we see manifest in our universe.

Use the full screen button and enjoy the ride ! 🙂

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