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This beautiful geometry is a unique 3D projection of the Hypercube discovered by Narada Das in 1977. It is offered by Sacred Geometry Web as a physical focus for the intention to become more conscious co-creators of reality. It is a tool to facilitate the process of personal and planetary transformation. It can be worn as jewellery, or kept as a sacred geometry treasure to grace any altar with a non-sectarian reminder of the ultimate mysteries of space and time.The Toroidal Hypercube geometry represents the communication of information from other levels of being in a way that is not limited by space or time. It is a symbol for the jewel of spacetime itself, and paradoxically also a symbol for what is outside of both space and time. It is a symbol for the awakening of higher consciousness – awareness of the reality that the phenomenal world is but a shadow of.

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The Geometry of the Hypercube

hcOldstyleJust as a three-dimensional wireframe cube can be drawn, or cast a two-dimensional shadow or “projection” on the surface of a wall – the Time Traveller is an unusually symmetrical three-dimensional projection or ‘shadow’ of a four-dimensional cube, (also know as the hypercube or tesseract). A hypercube is the next step in the progression that leads from the zero-dimensional point to the one-dimensional line to the two-dimensional square to the three-dimensional cube.

We apparently live in three spacial dimensions, and one temporal dimension. The whole concept of dimensions is not easy to grasp. For a detailed explanation please checkout our Hyperspace Concepts page here

If you are unfamiliar with the concept of four dimensional space you might enjoy perusing the classic book ‘Flatland – A Romance in many Dimensions’ by Edwin Abbott (1838-1926) as an entertaining introduction. Click here to access the whole book as a text file, courtesy of the Gutenburg Project site. An even better classic book is Claude Bragdon’s ‘Primer of Higher Space’ and you can find it and many other books about higher space here 4th Dimension

Why is it called the Time Traveller?

The TimeTraveller is the perfect symbol for the ability to navigate between possible realities. It symbolises space-time itself, and also the ability to measure and transcend space-time. In contemplating this projection you are forming a hologram in consciousness that has strongly implied 4dimensional symmetry and logic. This in itself tends to activate higher mind centres and intensify one’s awareness.

How can you use the Time Traveller?

The TimeTraveller can be appreciated simply for its beauty, and used intuitively as a powerful energy modulator and harmoniser, (in a similar way that you would use a crystal since their effects are also based on their geometries) – or it can be used as a multipurpose tool in conjunction with meditation and affirmation practices.

Suggested practices with the Time Traveller

1. After you have centred yourself in a meditative state try holding the TimeTraveller in your right hand whilst you connect with those times in the future when you will also be meditating with the TimeTraveller. See yourself at key moments in your future when you have accomplished certain goals that are important to you. Commit to your future self that you will follow the path that leads to their reality, and receive from your future self their gratitude for what you will create for them.
Then imagine the very next time that you will do this practise, and see an eight sided golden chord that is the TimeTraveller threaded through time between that moment and this moment now. Know that your next future self will likewise connect with their future self who will connect with their future self… and see this like the stitching of a golden thread into the tapestry of your life.
Then imagine a golden sunbeam of grace flowing through the centre of the TimeTraveller and bringing the feeling of gratitude for the blessings to come – deep into your being now. Finish the meditation with the prayer – may all beings be happy, may all beings come out of thier suffering, come out of their misery, and find real joy, real peace, real love.
And after the first time that you do this practice always remember when you do it again to take the time to connect with your past selves and thank them for doing their best to help weave the blessings that you have now.

2. As a recurring focus for consciousness the TimeTraveller can hold an affirmation and help to bring it into manifestation. For instance try saying to yourself when you notice the TimeTraveller or think of it – “I am experiencing an ever more harmonious and abundant reality”, or any other affirmation that you prefer, but please try to work with one affirmation for an extended period until you get results. Visualise the energy of the affirmation circling around within the TimeTraveller and becoming more intense with every repetition of the thought. Imagine what you will feel like as you see this affirmation manifesting in your life.

3. Hold the TimeTraveller on your ‘third eye’, and if their is a mirror available gaze at the TimeTraveller in the mirror for a minute. Then sit still and close your eyes as you imagine your lightbody inside the centre of a large TimeTraveller. Feel the geometry with your fingers and use it as the controls of your TimeShip. Take yourself up into hyperspace and then ask yourself ‘where would it be most valuable for me to go today?’ Go there, learn what you are to learn, or do what you are to do, and then return to your physical body wiser and stronger than before.

4. The TimeTraveller can also be used as a reminder to be present here and now, knowing that neither time nor space are what they appear to be, and that the most important thing is to feel within you that your desires are already accomplished.
Hold the TimeTraveller and ask yourself ‘Do I feel that I am where I am meant to be and doing what I am meant to do?’ If you are, then allow that feeling to nourish and encourage you. If you are not then accept the reality you have created and ask to be guided back to your true path – allow the feeling of knowing that you will find your path again to grow stronger within you – relax and let yourself realign with the fundamental harmonic structure of the universe.

Higher Dimensional Awareness ~

harmonicsGreenContemplating the TimeTravellers structure, or carrying it within one’s aura, attunes you to higher dimensional energies which can be used to accelerate the soul’s evolutionary processes. We are often asked if the TimeTraveller is a Merkabah, or star tetrahedron, which is used in a certain type of new-age Lightbody meditation? And although the geometries are quite distinct there is a direct relationship between the two of them. Merkabah means chariot and refers to the Wheels within Wheels of Ezekiel’s vision. The star tetrahedron actually represents the interpenetrating counter rotating light cones, and the same electromagnetic fields are naturally held in the ‘wormhole’ at the centre of the TimeTraveller. The TimeTraveller and the Merkabah are both vehicles for transcending spacetime.

What is higher dimensional reality? Are there other aspects of ourselves on other plains of existence?
Are Time and Space really what they appear to be? Are there beings that do not experience space and time the way we do?
What if there are aspects of yourself that are far more wise and powerful than the personality that you identify with?
What if you could communicate with a future self who has created a reality beyond your wildest dreams?
Can we use four dimensional geometries to help our consciousness transcend time?
Does repeating a thought again and again over time as an affirmation help to bring about its reality?
Does the way you feel about possibilities influence their coming into being in unknown ways?
Is the whole universe interconnected on some level? Do thoughts influence reality directly?
Is it possible that there is only one mind, one being, in the whole of existance?
What do you mean by the word God? Goddess? Consciousness? Love? Beauty? Truth? Goodness?

We are not suggesting that we have the answers to these questions, nor that you should believe or disbelieve that these things are real – Only that you may find that considering these matters clarifies something for you, and helps to free you from limiting beliefs about what is possible.

Plato’s Cave ~

plato2 Over 2350 years ago, the most respected and famous philosopher of ancient Greece wrote his most comprehensive book called “the Republic”. One of the best remembered stories in that book is called “the allegory of the cave”.
Plato’s character Socrates itells the story to his student to illustrate the nature of normal unconsciousness compared to that of one who has searched for the truth and discovered the source of goodness in the world.
Plato says that all the things of this world are but shadows cast by higher dimensional realities.
Click here for the full text of the “Allegory of the Cave”