Time Traveller Hypercube Pendant

What is the ‘Time Traveller’ Hypercube?


Hypercube PendantThe golden geometry photographed on the left is called the Time Traveller. It is a particularly beautiful three dimensional projection of a 4 dimensional cube, also known as a Hypercube or Tesseract. This particular projection of the hypercube has all the 8 cubes identically twisted, and this gives it an apparent toroidal (dohnut) shape and the illusion of simultaneous rotation in both clockwise and counter-clockwise directions. Therefore we also refer to it as the Toroidal Hypercube.

It can be worn as a pendant, or kept as a Sacred Geometry treasure to grace any altar with a non-sectarian reminder of the ultimate mysteries.

Where does it come from?

The Time Traveller was designed/discovered by Narada Das circa 1979. It is now handmade by skilled craftsmen in Bali Indonesia, from gold plated silver.

How big is it?

It measures between 25 and 35mm from opposite corners and less than 10mm through the central ‘hole’. It works especially well as a geometry pendant as it does not have spikes

Gold Hypercube
Although the center has 8 interwoven struts you can see from this angle why most people at first glance think its a 5 pointed star.


The Symbology of the Toroidal Hypercube ~
  • as the unit of measurement in 4 dimensional space it is a symbol of both spacetime and its transcendence
  • Its compass like design makes it a symbol of the ability to navigate between realities
  • As a 4 dimensional form it is also a symbol for the higher reality of archetypes beyond this phenomenal world
  • Like the cube it is a symbol for stability, but at a higher level of reality

The Time Traveller Pendant is a Unique Gift –
Not just out of this world,
Out of this Universe !

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