Playing with Euclid

17 October 2014

Playing with Euclid – Constructing the universe with Circles and Lines

I recently found a very addictive free online game for want to be Geometers. Its appropriately called Euclid the Game

It leads you through a series of increasingly complex exercises where you solve puzzles such as bisecting an angle, or creating a circle that includes 3 defined points, and much more.  In the process you will discover one of the main geometrical traditions handed down to us from the ancients, the accomplishment of almost any geometric task using only circles and straight lines.

2500  years ago Euclid wrote a book called Elements (13 scrolls actually).
This book amazingly set up not only the field of geometry but also the basis of science and logic.
It was in use as a text book for 2000 years !

If you dont have time for the game but are interested to experiment or use these tools for your own geometrisizing then the software the game is built on is available for free here

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