SG-formsSacred Geometry is the study of the fundamental forms of space and time to reveal the secrets of the physical and spiritual worlds. It is a key to good science, a secret of great art, and a light on the mystical path. Tradition says it is the “language of light spoken by the angels”.

As with Music, the more you know about Sacred Geometry the more clear it becomes that the apparent endless subtlety and complexity is always based on the same simple fundamental forms and principles. For instance: if you become familiar with the nature of Spheres, the Torus (smokering/magneticfield shape), the 5 Platonic Solids, the Golden Mean, Fractals, Higher Dimensional forms, and the ways they relate to each other . . . you have the foundation upon which pretty much everything else is created.


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[wptab name=’Our 3D Printshop’]3Dprintshop We are excited to share with you our range of printed Sacred Geometry models in a variety of materials and sizes, from wearable gold plated jewelery to large altar pieces and teaching models.
3D Printing is the next technological revolution set to change the world as much as the personal computer and the internet have done. Hold the future in your hands today! These forms are powerful pixel perfect manifestations of the primal patterns of Existence.

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Merkabah Star Tetrahedron animated gifWherever we look we find the same fundamental forms. The shapes which give rise to the Universe are also the foundation of our own bodies and minds and the same patterns we find in microscopic realms.MetatronsCompassPlain This is because scale is relative, and these shapes are the path of least resistance at any level of the fractal – the natural way that energy and matter will organise themselves within SpaceTime.

Because of their resonance with the source of existence simply thinking about these shapes may activate the dormant capacities of your brain and DNA. However your intention and attention are also key factors in your experience. Playing with Sacred Geometries can develop ones mental eye the same way that playing music develops ones musical ear. Exploring the insights of Sacred Geometry assists one to see the ‘big picture’ and find ones rightful place in the pattern of the universe.

Merkabah Star Tetrahedron animated gifPlatonicsWhiteHealth and harmony on all levels of existence requires resonance with the patterns from which all myriad complexity of things arise. The principles and insights of Sacred Geometry are essential to Music, Art, Physics, Cosmology, Mysticism, and in fact almost all fields of human endeavor.

PlatonicsYellowSacred Geometry is a lot more than mind candy for intellectuals and eye candy for techno parties! Wikipedia would have us believe Sacred Geometry is derived from and primarily concerned with Sacred Architecture. Although the creation of empowering spaces is one of many fields in which it is relevant, the ancient and venerable tradition of Sacred Geometry is far more than that. The reason we call it ‘sacred’ is that in contemplating and working with these forms we are contemplating the source and nature of Existence, and that is the most sacred thing there is!

We Invite You to take the Time to Explore the Vast Realms of Geometrical Knowledge on this website. Watch some of the Videos, read the Articles, and interact in the Forum[/wptab][wptab name=’Higher Dimensions’]
Most people would have trouble giving an accurate explanation of what a ‘dimension’ is. And most people go a bit strange if you start talking about 4 dimensional forms such as the hypercube.

MCblueWhat could possibly be meant by a fourth spacial dimension? We take 3 dimensional space totally for granted. Almost no one thinks about it but mathematicians, scientists, and perhaps occasionally artists and mystics. It is indeed not an easy thing to imagine!

PlatonicsBlueAnd yet no-one has explained why the universes should have exactly 3 spacial dimensions and not 4 or more. In fact our computers easily deal with space of any number of dimensions and calculate for us what the 3 dimensional shadows of objects rotating in this space would look like. See the rotating 4 dimensional ‘hyper-cube’ below for an example.
Get Adobe Flash player If this animation were in 3D it would be the equivalent of casting the shadow of a rotating wire frame cube onto a wall. You will find many more ‘shadows’ or projections of 4 dimensional geometries in our 3D Printshop at www.3Dmandalas.com
Recent Holographic theories hypothesize that all the information of Everything can be contained on the 2 dimensional boundary of the universe and that the 3D universe is only mental projection of it we create for our convenience. Personally I think that existence is more likely multi-dimensional, and casting lower dimensional shadows, than the other way round !

Okay so enough musings about incomprehensibles – we hope we have not scared you away by throwing you into the deep end of the dimensional pool 🙂 Sacred Geometry Web will feature many musings about dimensions as they are a key to understanding the nature of experience within spacetime.[/wptab][wptab name=’Your Invitation’]YourInvitationNaradaCosmicAvatar

My name is Narada Dan Vantari. I am the creator of SacredGeometryWeb. I am very glad to say that I am friends with some of the worlds most famous Sacred Geometers who have inspired me on my own Sacred Geometry path, which has come from an artistic and mystical rather than scientific or technological approach.

In a time like this, it is perhaps more important than ever that we do not waste our time and energy on frivolous pursuits or entertaining distractions.
As I see it, the only possible solution to the worlds multitudinous crises is that the human heart and mind and spirit, rapidly awaken from the nightmare we call our history. I believe Sacred Geometry may be a key to accelerating this process on a global level…

I invite you to stay in touch by joining Sacred Geometry Web, participating in discussions in our forum, and perhaps even becoming a Contributing Author if you are so inspired.

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