Foster and his partner Kimberly are the directors of the most widely watched independent documentary movie of ever, Thrive, which has actually been viewed 80 million times in 27 languages. Narada is the creator of and takes this chance to ask Foster about Sacred Geometry, his recent journey to the world’s oldest yet discovered Flower of Life in Egypt last year, and why he thinks geometry is a vital part of the awakening of humankind. This video interview is interactive with a navigation overlay and hyperlinks to other sites and videos that are being referred to. – Watch it now at

In 2018 Foster will start production of Thrive 2, which will present to the world the best of the numerous solutions that they have been examining since launching Thrive. They were approached by literally thousands of creators and scientists with free energy devices, and advanced health products. They have distilled this down to simply the ones that are most promising, and significantly, all set to be shown to the world in a manner that will have major impact on society.