Euclid the Game

19 September 2014

Have you ever wondered what this Masonic compass and straight edge thing is all about?
Have you ever tried to create the plans of a building using only string and pegs?
There is an ancient tradition that cathedrals and other sacred spaces were to be grown from perfect geometrical roots.
In other words the first steps were to draw upon the ground a series of lines and circles using no arbitrary measurements but instead relating every measurement to the ones that came before it. Amazingly the universe is such that there are almost no limits to what can be designed this way. Its almost as though God wanted to prove that objective measurement was not necessary and that resonance with the foundation stone is all that is required.

Here is an addictive set of puzzles called ‘Euclid the Game’ that gets you to solve more and more complex problems using only circles and lines.

Click Here to Play


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