Torus and Smoke Rings

The Torus (think magnetic field, dohnut, or smoke ring) is the only stable three dimensional wave form. It is is an important variation on the sphere as a three dimensional analog of the circle.

This page will be a collection of info about the Torus, the smokering or donut shaped standing wave, that seems […] For Beautiful Sacred Geometry and other Spiritual Jewelry, please Visit Ka gold Jewelry.

The Universal pattern- Torus

2 September 2014

by: Cristián Bredée – re-uploaded with permission of the creator; LaTeoriaNaranja (Cristián Bredée) – How does …

I made this to see if I could animate a torus-shaped gear that rotates around the circular axis of the torus. Created in 3D Studio Max.

The Torus is a fundamental geometry in the universe, and intimately connected to the essence of our existence. It demonstrates that Spirit and Science are On…

This is an extract from the documentary Thrive 2011 describing ‘THE TORUS’ and ‘TOROIDAL FLOW……. Everybody watch and understand the significance of …

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