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Teachers of Sacred Geometry are in my experience a very diverse collection of creatures united only by their exceptionally harmonious approach to life the universe and everything. My theory is that in studying the fundamental patterns that give rise to everything including themselves, these human beings have aligned themselves with the harmonics of creation, and no longer find the tendency to conflict within themselves. I also believe that as humans evolve they begin to express their unique natures and become truly individuals.

Foster and his partner Kimberly are the directors of the most widely watched independent documentary movie of ever, Thrive, which […]

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This page will be a collection of info about the Torus, the smokering or donut shaped standing wave, that seems […]

From Around the Web News for sharing Natural Cure – Sore throat? Try this natural remedy……. Sacred Geometry 101C: The […]

Drunvalo Melchizedek Flower Of Life Full Documentary Sacred Geometry THE NEXT STEP – http://tinyurl.com/spottydogg-silva-life Drunvalo Melchizedek, …

Charles Gilchrist introduces the three root languages of the universe: Sacred Sound (vibration), Sacred Sequence (time/numbers), and Sacred Geometry (form).

This is the opening video of or new Sacred Geometry 201 Series entitled “Sacred Geometry 201A; The Multi-Dimensional Universe” with Charles Gilchrist.

The Template is a holonomic model of transcendence. It links alchemical Ceremony with brain chemistry, bio-circuitry, the endocrine system, DNA, the archetyp.

The Sacred Day Ceremony Spoken By Alaenura Written By Juliet Carter The Template In the Sacred Day Ceremony you are establishing a stimulus/response …

An introduction to the now available Template alchemical ceremony DVD. Original Innocence – which can be bought in full form HD from our website – you can al …

Originally Published on Apr 4, 2012 by nimsnl As a result of the genetic modification of the Human DNA, almost all of our foundation circuits are in a state …

I can think of no better introduction to the vast fields of Sacred Geometry than the works of artist Charles […]

It has come to our attention that the heir to the throne of the Western world dabbles in philosophy with […]

Catching up with the paradigm shattering insights of Nassim Harmein Nassim Haramein trailer – THE CONNECTED UNIVERSE Th recently released […]


2 July 2013

Welcome to my page here at sacredgeometryweb. The main body of my research is here. A series of instruction lessons […]

The Atomic Art Of Magic Squares Comments Off on The Atomic Art Of Magic Squares

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Jain – Sacred Geometry & Vedic Mathematics www.jainmathemagics.com Vedic mathematics is a system of mathematics consisting of a list of […]

Music and Sacred Geometry

28 December 2012

Music as the Source of Existence In the Brahma Samhita story written in Sanskrit the first born son of the […]

Magic Squares Art

18 December 2012

Atomic Art / Magic Squares Magic Squares are ancient boxes of numbers whose sums of rows, columns and diagonals all […]

Hyper Dimensional Animations

18 December 2012

Just as you cannot have a real cube in a two dimensional space  – only a shadow, or projection, or […]