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Our conception of the size of the Universe has expanded so fast over the last 120 years that it far far far exceeds the speed of light. If you think that we now know where we are and what this universe is – a short excursion into the mysteries revealed by the latest space telescopes, and the revelations of plasma physics should be enough to humble you back into reality.


25 February 2019

This is a sequel to ‘What Is Reality?’ by Quantum Gravity Research Group. Equally entertaining and educational, if not even […]

This is the first of a number of productions by the Quantum Gravity Research group. I highly recommend their take […]

The Unknown Continent

1 September 2014

Antarctica from space

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2 July 2013

Welcome to my page here at sacredgeometryweb. The main body of my research is here. A series of instruction lessons […]

Music and Sacred Geometry

28 December 2012

Music as the Source of Existence In the Brahma Samhita story written in Sanskrit the first born son of the […]