Like In a Dream 3D Fractal

This is one of my very favourite short 3D fractal journeys. It starts with recognizably geometric shapes but soon visits bonelike, spongelike, and shell like structures. The sea urchin journey is particularly impressive. I found it on the Fractal Forums website, created by a well known fractal artist Jeremie Brunet. Created for a TEDx talk […]


My name is Grayham Forscutt. Welcome to my page here at sacredgeometryweb. The main body of my research is here. A series of instruction lessons are available. A Unifying Topology of Fractal Fields Disdyakis Triacontahedron: Unified Fractal Field Subnuclear-Aetheric Field Golden Ratio Lightbody Pod: Intro Hyperspace meditational Journey Modelling Subnuclear Wave Mechanics Placing Physics into […]