Cameron Grey

11 October 2012

Cameron Grey is one of my favourite recent discoveries in Geometrically inspired Art. I had been longing for a more ethereal and surreal version of works like Alex Grey’s (no relation) anatomical paintings . The first time I saw Cameron Grey’s Metatron image I knew he would exceed my wishes.

Cameron Grey 3

I love art that intrigues with its complexity whilst soothing with its harmony ~


See more of Cameron Grey’s work at his website


About the Author: Narada Dan Vantari

Narada Das is a MusIcian, Artist, Writer, Sacred Geometer, and Cyber-shaman. He created the Sacred Geometry Web site, the 3D Geometries at, the Universal Yoga Mandala, and an album of songs called Jewels & Flames. Participate in Sacred Geometry Web by joining today :-)

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