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What is Sacred Geometry? We invite you to contemplate every aspect of this profound question ... What is Sacredness? What is Geometry? What is the tradition called Sacred Geometry? How is it relevant to our lives in these transformative times?


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Between the Folds – Origami Doco

This is a truly mind blowing documentary about origami, and a collection of artists and scientists who push folded paper […]


This is a sequel to ‘What Is Reality?’ by Quantum Gravity Research Group. Equally entertaining and educational, if not even […]

What Is Reality – the Movie

This is the first of a number of productions by the Quantum Gravity Research group. I highly recommend their take […]


Welcome to my page here at sacredgeometryweb. The main body of my research is here. A series of instruction lessons […] For Beautiful Sacred Geometry and other Spiritual Jewelry, please Visit Ka gold Jewelry.

The Universal pattern- Torus

2 September 2014

by: Cristián Bredée – re-uploaded with permission of the creator; LaTeoriaNaranja (Cristián Bredée) – How does …

I made this to see if I could animate a torus-shaped gear that rotates around the circular axis of the torus. Created in 3D Studio Max.

The Torus is a fundamental geometry in the universe, and intimately connected to the essence of our existence. It demonstrates that Spirit and Science are On…

This is an extract from the documentary Thrive 2011 describing ‘THE TORUS’ and ‘TOROIDAL FLOW……. Everybody watch and understand the significance of …

The Template is a holonomic model of transcendence. It links alchemical Ceremony with brain chemistry, bio-circuitry, the endocrine system, DNA, the archetyp.

The Sacred Day Ceremony Spoken By Alaenura Written By Juliet Carter The Template In the Sacred Day Ceremony you are establishing a stimulus/response …

An introduction to the now available Template alchemical ceremony DVD. Original Innocence – which can be bought in full form HD from our website – you can al …

I made all of these using Stella 4d:  Polyhedron Navigator.  You may try this software for yourself at
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skip the story — 55:50 Vincent Bridges of explains new academic evidence-Shakespeare learned real alchemy AND angel science with …

Vedic Mathematics

2 September 2014

Director: K.Jagjivan Ram Year: 2000 The film speak about “Vedic Mathematics” ancient Indian Science derived from the Vedas. The film also tells about the adv.

From Around the Web airplay speakers Mandelbox – infinite complexity in a box of zero size Mandelboxes 3d Fractal – […]

One day on YouTube, Alex Bellos saw a video of an amazing mathematical “trick”. He wanted to know more about this ‘Vedic Mathematics’, so he got on a plane …

View full lesson: There is more than one way to reach a correct answer in mathematics. Vedi…

Waves of Paticles

1 September 2014

Submitted by TheFrankensTeam:

In the model you can change the number of dots and the deviation too. If you set the “type demo” to dynamic it will make possible to analyse how the wave-pattern changes when deviation grows.

This is a typical (if you can say such a thing) Mandelbox, perhaps the most important discovery in fractals since […]


1 September 2014

Sneak peak at an upcoming project
Stay tuned for more!
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The Unknown Continent

1 September 2014

Antarctica from space