Hi –  Sorry this page is a bit untogether… I’ve had a lot on my plate lately.

I have had a lot of fun making the avatars that you will find on my websites.
I hope you saw the one here are SacredGeometryWeb.
There is also one at my shop www.SacredGeometrical.com
and one inside the flip book that you can get access to at www.UnderstandingSacredGeometry.com

If you would like to make something like this for your own website
using whatever photo you like to do the talking… it is not hard to do.

I used a service on Fiverr.com to make the animated avatar from a photo.
This cost me a little more than $10 for 30 seconds, or $15 for a minute.

Of course I had to record the audio first and give it to him with the photograph.
It is possible to use a computer voice for this if you want to such as Google’s text to speech.

To embed the video on my website I use an online service that at the moment costs about $40 for lifetime membership.
It is very user friendly. You can use their tools to make talking characters, and their text to speech engine is very good.
Their embedded videos have many extra features that I am not using here that may be good for you.
To check it you click this link www.SacredGeometryWeb.com/vidp

ALternatively – if you want to have a Chatbot connected to the avatar so that you can interact with visitors, then there is another online software here that has a different range of features that specialise more in the chatbot side of things.
The two softwares do have a lot of overlapping features, and they will both allow you to embed your uploaded video avatar, or alternatively use one of their characters.

Before I uploaded my avatar I edited the video in a great free video editor that I will give you a link to if you decide to purchase the online software using either of the links above.