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Narada Das is a MusIcian, Artist, Writer, Sacred Geometer, and Cyber-shaman. He created the Sacred Geometry Web site, the 3D Geometries at http://www.3dMandalas.com, the Universal Yoga Mandala, and an album of songs called Jewels & Flames. Participate in Sacred Geometry Web by joining today :-)

This is a truly mind blowing documentary about origami, and a collection of artists and scientists who push folded paper […]


They considered this pure geometry where logic alone is enough to prove theorems without the need for measurement.

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s. If you haven’t already seen it please take the 20 min or so to appreciate it properly.

The artistry and mathematical insights that have been discovered in origami in the last decades are astonishing! Which of the […]

Classic Nassim Haramein in the days when he was explaining the basic geometric origins of his physics theories.http://readr.me/47vwz

But how much of a core concept is it for existence? #fractal #patterns #universe #godhttp://readr.me/v5rsc

Nassim Haramein’s physics work is based on Flower-of-Life-like patterns in the structure of space itself at the Planck level.

This is one of scores of geometrically inspired designs at www.Sacredgeometrical.com

However, as I have progressed in my understanding I have discovered to my surprise that almost everything relates back to […]

think about how many different ways there are to make a 3D corner out of identical 2D polygons. If you […]

What works of art surround us, unnoticed, unappreciated, existing only for their own non-aesthetic purposes? Is the beauty really in […]

How much power does geometric knowledge have to uplift the consciousness of society ?

They are both based on what Buckminster Fuller called the Isotropic Vector Matrix, the hexagonal/triangular symmetry that creates the strongest […]

I love this image

6 October 2020

Haven’t discovered who the artist is yet …

Very cool crochet instructional video #crochet #floweroflife #sacredgeometry

http Flower of life crochet vest pattern (Hooded/sleeve version is also available as a pattern in my etsy shop) *for […]

s. The patterns of musical frequencies, rhythms, ratio between notes played together, and patterns of notes played over time… all […]