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MetatronArchangelCubeAngels::  Leaving aside the naive concept of angels as beautiful, spiritually advanced, humanoid beings with wings … there is a universal archetype that manifests in all human cultures, that of semi-divine intelligences that interact with human beings and mediate between us and the unfathomable inconceivable magnificence of the Source of all existence and intelligence. If you wish you may think of angels as metaphorical personifications of aspects of divinity, but please do not be surprised if like all archetypes they have a volition of their own.

Geometry:: Tradition says that the language of the Angels is Geometries of ‘Light’, and in more modern terminology we might say ‘geometries of Electromagnetic Radiation’. In fact it is important to realize that the geometry of solid objects is but the manifest consequences of the natural patterns of energetic fields in space and time.

Metatron:: Metatron is the name of one of the highest angels in the Judeo-Christian pantheon.Therefore an obvious starting point for exploring the tradition of Angels and Sacred Geometry is the well known design called ‘Metatron’s Cube’. it is a very simple and aesthetically pleasing pattern made of 13 circles and the lines that join all their centres.

Being a 2 dimensional design it is obviously not a 3 dimensional cube, but it does contain the outline or shadow, (technically ‘projections’), of many 3 dimensional forms. It is widely noted that the forms of the 3D Platonic solids, the tetrahedron, octahedron, and cube, can be found in the lines of Metatron’s Cube.

A close approximation of the remaining two Platonic solids the Icosa and Dodecahedron is also there. Even some 4 dimensional forms are there such as the hypercube, hyper-tetrahedron, and hyper-octahedron !


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There is much wisdom to be gleaned by going deeper into the story of Metatron and the link between Angels, and higher dimensional geometry.

Metatron is associated with the 4 Archangels of the elements and directions: Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, and Uriel – and in this sense he is the angel of Spirit and the Center. According to Hebraic mysticism, he is the highest of the Archangels, the scribe of God who is privileged to sit closest to the throne of divinity.

In fact Metatron’s name seems to be made from two Greek words, after and throne, μετὰ θρóνος (meta thronos). That he sits on a throne in the presence of God implied to many that he was virtually God’s equal.

There is also a tradition that Metatron is the prophet Enoch. Here is a quote from the book ‘Major Trends in Jewish Mysticism’ – “This Enoch, whose flesh was turned to flame, his veins to fire, his eye-lashes to flashes of lightning, his eye-balls to flaming torches, and whom God placed on a throne next to the throne of glory, received after this heavenly transformation the name Metatron”.

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I believe that it is the visibility of higher dimensional forms within Metatron’s cube that is the key to its importance. I have written  elsewhere on this site about the 3D and 4D equivalents of Metatron’s cube.

A few years ago, a friend of mine asked me to help him create a 3D model of Metatron’s Cube. So we set out to discover what this form would be, and somewhat to our surprise we settled on a figure where the spheres surrounding the central sphere create the vertexes of a cubeoctahedron within a cubeoctahedron. Since then I have validated this in many ways, the most important perhaps being that the cubeoctahedron is a unique 3D form that Buckminster Fuller named the Vector Equilibrium, and the 2D Vector Equilibrium is a hexagon as in Metatron’s Cube.



Metatron oversees the flow of energy in a mystical design known as Metatron’s Cube, which contains many of the most important geometric shapes in their simplest form and encodes the secret patterns of Creation. These duties tie in with Metatron’s work overseeing the Tree of Life in Kabbalah, where Metatron sends creative energy down from the top (the crown) of the tree toward all the spheres of creation.
As a demonstration of how the most important shapes fit together, Metatron’s  Cube represents the way the plethora of different things in the material and spiritual worlds all fit together into one Creation.
“Metatron’s Cube is a tool for inspiration and transformation. It helps us realize the harmony and balance of nature with its equilibrium of forces in all directions and dimensions.
It can be used as a visual focal point to connect with the archangel, or  as a concentration tool for meditations that promote peace and balance. It facilitates understanding of both the Divine Reality and the relativistic world of our human spiritual journey.
Doreen Virtue  writes: “Archangel Metatron has insights into the malleability of the physical universe, which is actually composed of atoms and thought energy. He can help you work with universal energies for healing, understanding, teaching, and even bending time.”
According to some Kabbalist schools, the proper method of gazing at Metatron’s cube leads to the image called ‘Throne of Glory,’ located in the heart. Gazing at the ‘Throne of Glory’ means to pay complete attention to the Presence within the temple of our heart so we can connect to the Infinite Omnipresent Source. In the Kabbalah tradition, the heart can be the mediator between the power and the beauty inherent in both the finite and the Infinite. Metatron’s cube is symbolic of the unity of the finite with the infinite.”

More coming soon …

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