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Everything has a Geometric aspect to it. For a phenomenon to manifest, or a ‘thing’ to exist, it cannot be 100% random and chaotic. There must be a substructure, a constellation of patterns that connect it to other all the other patterns of the Universe, and allow the omnipresent energy of Being to flow through it and maintain its form. This substructure is invariably found to be formed of the same simple primary patterns such as grids of triangles and circles, and the most symmetrical forms such as the ‘Platonic Solids’.

Everything has a Sacred aspect to it. All patterns are part of the One Pattern. For any ‘thing’ to exist it cannot be completely separated from the Whole of Existence and its Source. There is always a way in which every aspect, of every apparently separated thing, is related to Everything, and through that relationship it strengthens our connection to the Source of all patterns and all Meaning.

Sacred Geometry is a modern name for an ancient tradition:  the study of the fundamental forms of space and time to reveal the secrets of the material and spiritual worlds. It is a key to good Science, a secret of great Art, and a light on the mystical path. Understanding sacred geometry can change your understanding of everything, because, the fundamental patterns will lead you deeper into the center of everything. 

All the exquisite music human beings make in this world is made from a few handfuls of notes. Similarly, the more you know about Sacred Geometry the more clear it becomes that beneath the apparent endless complexity of ‘Everything’, there can always be found the same few simple patterns and principles. By becoming familiar with basic concepts, such as the circle designs like the Flower of Life and Metatron’s Cube, the behavior of Spheres, the Torus (smokering/magneticfield shape), the 5 Platonic Solids, the Vector Equilibrium, the Golden Mean, Fractals, Higher Dimensional forms, and the ways these shapes relate to each other. . . you will discover that you have the foundation upon which pretty much everything else is woven.

These patterns can rightly be called ‘sacred’ because they are the first building blocks of form to arise from the Formless. At least as far back as Pythagoras and Plato 2500 years ago, it was believed that the study of the fundamental forms awakened higher faculties dormant in the human mind and spirit. In a time of global technological crisis such as this, when the transformation of society is so urgently needed, Sacred Geometry is an important tool to accelerate human evolution individually and collectively. There is no limit to the insights that can be obtained through communion with these divine archetypes that are the building blocks of creation! They are the elements from which is woven the fabric of all that is Good, and Beautiful, and True.

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3D Printing is a manufacturing revolution, and along with A.I. and nanotech, it is an important factor in the technological evolution that is happening exponentially in our lifetimes.
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Most people would have trouble giving an accurate explanation of what a ‘dimension’ is. The word has been used in pseudo-scientific and new-age jargon to mean a parallel reality or astral world of some kind. The idea of 3 spacial dimensions is taken for granted without detailed examination as to what it really means. The ‘Fourth Dimension’ seems to mean whatever the speaker wants it to mean. Therefore it is not unexpected that people might go a bit cross-eyed if you start talking about basic 4 dimensional forms, such as the hypercube. Let alone mentioning such things as the ‘Extra 4D Platonic Solid’, or the way the delightful Toroidal 6D Cube relates to the ancient Chinese classic the I Ching.

Many people know that Time can be considered to be a ‘fourth dimension’. In fact, for most people that is likely to be their only understanding of the term. But what could possibly be meant by a fourth spacial dimension? Although it is a concept that has been particularly influential in the last century and a half among mathematicians, scientists, and perhaps occasionally artists and mystics, it is indeed poorly understood by the general public!

Yet there is no obvious reason why existence should have only 3 spacial dimensions and not 4, or more. In fact our computers deal with space of any number of dimensions without bias. They can easily calculate for us what the 3 dimensional shadows of objects rotating in higher dimensional space would look like. See the two dimensional projection of the rotating 4 dimensional ‘hyper-cube’ above on the left for example.

If this animation were really in 3D and not just a ‘2D’ image on your screen, it would be the exact higher dimensional equivalent of casting the shadow of a rotating glass cube onto a wall. You will find many more ‘shadows’ or projections of 4 dimensional geometries in our 3D Printshop at www.Sacred Toroidal forms of higher dimensional geometries has become our speciality!

In mainstream physics recently, ‘Holographic theories’ have hypothesized that all the information of the 3D universe can be encoded on the 2 dimensional boundary of the universe, and in similar way they believe that all the information that falls into a black hole is preserved on its event horizon. The 3D universe is conceptualised as being little more than a virtual reality that we create for our convenience in organising every day life. Personally I think this is misguided, and Existence is better described as multi-dimensional or infinite-dimensional, and casting lower dimensional shadows, rather than the other way round! 

Okay, so enough of my musings about incomprehensibles. I hope I have not scared you away by throwing you into the deep end of the dimensional pool.  Sacred Geometry Web will feature many musings about dimensions as they are a key to understanding the symmetries of spacetime. But if you hang around for a while I’m sure you will become so familiar with them that you take them for granted just as you already do with most things in the 3D world. 

My name is Narada Dan Vantari. I am the creator of this site and its Forum, and also The Universe’s Most Fabulous Sacred Geometry Store –

My oldest website is inspired by the book ‘Return of the Bird Tribes’ by Ken Carey. I am also author of the book ‘Understanding Sacred Geometry and the Flower of Life – a Higher Dimensional Perspective on an Ancient Wisdom Stream’ which you can read online for free at Understanding Sacred Check out my latest project to assist in the planetary awakening at and its associated membership site at

I am privileged to be friends with many well known Sacred Geometers including Robert Lawlor, Dan Winter, Nassim Haramein, Jonathan Quintin, Marshall Lefferts, Foster Gamble, Jain the Mathemagician, and Grayham Forscutt, all of whom have inspired me on my own Sacred Geometry path, which has developed from a more artistic and mystical rather than scientific or technological perspective.

It is perhaps more important in the 21st century than ever before, that we do not waste our time and energy on frivolous pursuits or entertaining distractions.

As I see it, the only possible solution to the worlds multitudinous crises is that the human heart and mind and spirit, rapidly awaken from the nightmare we call our history, to realise humanity’s spiritual potential. I believe Sacred Geometry can be a key to accelerating this process on a global level, a pathway for developing science and technology in harmony with nature,  an inspiration for uplifting artworks, and a universally acceptable symbolic spiritual language that can transcend the world’s multifarious religious belief systems. I am heartened by the knowledge that there are multiple sacred geometry related projects evolving that will bring new technologies and insights of a world changing nature!

I invite you to connect your dot to the other dots here by interacting on Sacred Geometry Web. Don’t disappear into infinity! Join AngelicInterface and earn commissions on sales of everything at or become a member here and make a post in the Forum. If you are an accomplished sacred geometer and you wish to share your knowledge of Sacred Geometry then apply to be a Contributing Author so that you can make blog posts here in the main site. Interaction on the level of Sacred Geometry may have magical consequences beyond anything you have imagined! 😉

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