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The images below are all related.
They are created by me except the photos that I licensed from Adobe Stock and modified.
They are all offered in service to the Our Earth Project.
(I have not resized them all for web so they may take a little while to load)

I included the Buckminster Fuller quotes as I think his insights are very useful 🙂

Regarding using a 12 vertex geometry I have mentioned that Foster Gamble uses something similar for his 12 Sectors model here http://www.thrivemovement.com/the_12_sectors
and here is a great 8 min video by him explaining the geometry above and its relationship to the torus

Note the video player above with its social icons etc.

Other relevant links to my WordPress creations –
I have two WordPress websites that use a Custom Facebook Feed plugin to import posts from FB pages and groups with almost total control over colors, layout, and which posts are imported. Update Your Reality at www.aNewSci.com and checkout Byron Bay’s Visionary Culture at  www.ByronNow.com (which needs some tidying up as not all pages are functioning properly)

I would like to point out the Forum at www.SacredGeometryWeb.com/Forum that has functionality to subscribe to threads, receive emails when new posts are made, and reply to theose posts directly by email.


Re the discussion of the use of hands and Earth in the logo, check out what one of the site Caretakers might be confused with uses http://caretakersofearth.org/

Here are some more logo concepts I have created in the past


More 3d printed geometries of mine below, all available to purchase in a variety of materials from www.3dMandalas.com

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